By Private Profile 6f5413ab on 2017-06-17 11:57 in GSoC 17 PR testing Platform

Time: 14/06/2017,  15:00 UTC

Meeting Topics:

  1. Progress so far

  2. Approaches discussion and decision

  3. Test requests website and Github authentication

  4. Phase 1 final product discussion

  5. Blog post

Meeting Attended by:

Ashan Fernando, Niels Braczek, Tito Alvarez, Yves Hoppe, Ricardo Fusco


  1. Progress so far

After the several several possible approaches and changes that have been discussed throughout the last few days the team agreed on creating a Pros/Cons document for the different approaches, numbering each one of them and weigh on the pros and cons for each one. Regarding Swarm it was decided by everyone that it should be left out for now in order to simplify things. The final decision on the approaches was left to this meeting after finishing the pros/cons document.

Before deciding on creating a pros/cons document I’ve managed to build the scripts to generate the dockerfiles passing as argument the PHP version and repo branch, the scripts receive as input an xml file with the supported PHP versions. I’ve used the joomla framework github package in order to fetch all the branch names from the Joomla! CMS repo and parsed the xml file to obtain the combinations and generate everything into different folders for each combination (MySQL was embedded in each joomla container instead of having a separate mysql container in this approach). The PR can be found here:    


  1. Approaches discussion and decision

After finishing the Pros/Cons document, we’ve discussed the several approaches, minimized the approaches list and ended up deciding on the approaches that seemed best to everyone. It was decided to go with docker-compose and mounting the PR code from the host, no virtualisation to avoid overkill, no pathtester due to the issues that remain regarding DB, and MySQL base.

  1. Test requests website and Github authentication

It was discussed what the way to go with the tests requests website and the github authentication, I suggested using the joomla framework oath2 package for the github authentication part of the website and any other joomla framework tool for that matter.

  1. Phase 1 final product discussion

Since there were already some changes to the project scope it was discussed the final product for phase 1 and updated the info on the github repository. The bottom line was that the first phase was more about the general set up with the container environment setup and jenkins configurations.

Regarding the jenkins setup and pulling the PR code that part has pretty much the base done and configured. It was discussed the bash scripts that would have to be ran as build steps in jenkins.

Also discussed the tasks and ideas in the project boards on the repository.

  1. Blog post


Regarding the blog post we’ve discussed some aspects and I was given some advice by the mentors.