By Private Profile 2b8bfa9f on 2017-08-01 15:48 in GSoC 17 PR testing Platform

Meeting Topics:


  1. Progress so far

  2. Posting the URL on the PR

  3. Docker Build step in Jenkins

Meeting Attended by:

Ashan Fernando, Niels Braczek, Tobias Zulauf, Yves Hoppe, Ricardo Fusco


  1. Progress so far

Setup the new server provided by Yves for PR builder project. Work in progress to post a comment in the PR as a build step from jenkins. This was found to be difficult since PR builder plugin lacks support for that. Alternatively search for other plugins for Jenkins which sould meet the requirements and wasn't able to find one.

  1. Posting the URL on the PR

After setting up jenkins and triggering the build, it was required to post back a link to Github. There were two options available where either it could be posted as a build status or as a new comment to the PR. Finally it was decided to go with adding a comment so that we can include more information there apart from the test URL. Another reason was that, tester won't see it clearly since it could be like the travis, appveyor or drone.

  1. Docker build step in Jenkins

It was discussed how to put build steps in Jenkins and agreed upon adding them to a single script with comments for simplicity and readiability. Apart from that, there was an issue with mysql database, which was later found that due to different versions. The issue was later been solved with the fix proposed by Tobias.