By Private Profile 6f5413ab on 2017-08-07 11:38 in GSoC 17 PR testing Platform

Time: 06/07/2017,  15:00 UTC

Meeting Topics:

  1. Progress so far

  2. Devilbox and the multi-container environment

  3. Next steps

Meeting Attended by:

Ashan Fernando, Niels Braczek, Ricardo Fusco


  1. Progress so far

Having managed to have Jenkins working on the server and successfully setup to build any incoming PRs/commits the focus next is going to shift to the multi-container environment. A few days ago Niels mentioned a tool he found which was a LAMP and MEAN stack replacement based purely on docker and docker-compose and it supports any number of projects for which vhosts and DNS records are created automatically. It seemed like a great tool that we can use so I have started to go through the documentation in order to do some tests with the tool and afterwards use it as base and modify it for this project.

  1. Devilbox and the multi-container environment

Regarding Devilbox I’ve managed to test it successfully in my own machine locally and figured out how it all works. Tests with devilbox in a server were a bit more complicated having some issues with DNS, the tool required some modifications in order for it to work there and I’ve explained how it works going through the config flow for devilbox in the meeting.

Also discussed issues like 2 people requesting a test for the same PR, an issue that would be easily solved by having 2 separate instances for each tester which means that for each instance an ID will be assigned, as we’ve discussed, using the user ID/session ID and the PR ID which will result in an unique instance with a unique ID. It was discussed as well imposing limitations regarding tests requests and deprovision rules so that there isn’t too much stress on the servers.

  1. Next steps

The next steps will be to have Devilbox working in the server with several projects (joomla instances) added with just 1 PHP version and mysql server.