By Private Profile 6f5413ab on 2017-08-08 02:05 in GSoC 17 PR testing Platform

Time: 12/07/2017,  15:00 UTC

Meeting Topics:

  1. Progress so far

  2. Multi-container environment

  3. Joomla Installation

  4. Next steps

Meeting Attended by:

Ashan Fernando, Niels Braczek, Tito Alvarez, Ricardo Fusco


  1. Progress so far

Had a problem which was solved regarding the webserver and the config files in order to redirect to . Also managed to get base devilbox working with 1 PHP version in a server. Also discussed about readjusting the info on the repository about phase 2 because of the previous changes in the scope during phase 1 and talked about merging the PR from phase 1.

  1. Multi-container environment

Explained the whole flow of the multi-container environment using Devilbox to bring Tito up to speed on the work done so far, it was discussed several options to have several PHP versions in this environment requiring some changes in the docker-compose and .env files in order to reconfigure devilbox to allow such cases. With devilbox working the mass DNS problem is solved and there is no need to have 1 container per Joomla instance running, just a PHP container with a web-server container attached to that PHP container with folders for each Joomla! instance. Also discussed the need for scripts to add and remove instances from devilbox.

  1. Joomla installation

Regarding the Joomla! instances we discussed it would be best to have an automated Joomla! Installation, meaning the user would not have to go through the installation process skipping it altogether. It was discussed what would be the best way to do this. This will be included in the bash script to add a new Joomla! Instance to Devilbox.

  1. Next steps

The next steps will be to make the scripts for adding/removing Joomla! Instances to Devilbox, automatize the Joomla! Installation process and modify Devilbox so that it works with several PHP versions