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Parent Team
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team
Date Started
May 2017
Joomler Position Role Date Started
Benjamin Trenkle Germany Team Leader Mentor May 2017
6baf_buddhima-wijeweera.jpg Buddhima Wijeweera Sri Lanka Member Mentor May 2017
62d7_mini-28284291482_b41ace5ef0_o.jpg Jan Jaracz Poland Member Student Jun 2017
3784_puneet-kala.jpg Puneet Kala India Member Admin May 2017
299a_shubham-rajput.png Shubham India Member Mentor May 2017
a51b_1304616.jpg Sven Hurt Germany Member Mentor May 2017
Tobias Zulauf Germany Member Infrastructure May 2017
7021_yves-hoppe.jpg Yves Hoppe Germany Member Admin May 2017





A new publishing workflow for Joomla!

By Jan Jaracz on 2017-06-09 22:03 in GSoC 17 Publishing Workflow

  Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself at the beginning of the article. My name is Jan Jaracz and I'm from Poland. Maybe some of you meet me on the JAB conference in Cracow. I'm 20 years old and I will probably study at AGH University in Krakow. I'm part of Google Summer of...

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