By Shivam Rajput on 2017-06-27 18:07 in GSoC 17 Refactoring help screen on JDocs

Date: 26th June 2017

Time: 15:00 (UTC / GMT)
Meeting was attended by: João Reys Santos, Sandra Thevenet, Shivam Rajput, Tom Hutchison, Yves Hoppe, Dimitris Grammatikogiannis


Team congratulated Shivam on his commitment and maintaining code quality while working on this project.


1 - Reviewing the Guide Tour Branch (




  • How to generate the translation files

    • Dynamically

    • Partially dynamically


Open Questions:


  • Shivam asked. Who will put together the necessary json files needed for all the views by tour guide?

  • After meeting (Tom). Addressing the above question, can we generate a list of empty json files with all the views?




2 - Making a proper agenda for the Bot.



  • How to get images of admin view screenshots

    • Where to store them?

      • GitHub

      • Locally

      • Push to JDocs

  • How to name them

  • How to import them into JDocs

    • Upload script

    • Pywikipedia bot





3 - Deciding a fixed day for Meeting every week. (If everyone agrees or I can prepare doodle every time :-) ).


Decided Shivam will prepare a Doodle after each meeting for the next one. Too hard to include everyone in a set day and time each week. The mentors will try to have their times filled in no later than 2 days after the Doodle is sent so Shivam can start preparing for the next meeting.