By Shivam Rajput on 2017-08-10 12:33 in GSoC 17 Refactoring help screen on JDocs

Date: 04th August 2017

Time: 15:00 (UTC / GMT)

Meeting was attended by: João Reys Santos, Sandra Thevenet, Shivam Rajput, Tom Hutchison, Yves Hoppe


1). Updates For the Tour Guide Repo.


  • I have received the reply from the Jonathan
    And he has suggested the Tour Button Name - "Take the Tour" and Icon - "".

  • I have Committed those changes over the Branch and are under review now.

2). CDN integration Pending for the Tour Guide.


  • As we waiting for the JSST update for the JSever Integration of the Guided Tour so I will be making changes according to the server of Yves. Once Yves received the response from the Team I can make the changes.

3.) Naming Concern for the Image Name Automation(


  • Tom and Sandra will be suggesting me the changes for the same. And then they are me made accordingly.

Some suggestion by Sandra -


4). Review for the Work Done of the Automation of Screenshot.


I update the Team regarding my work over the automation.