By Private Profile c2e15406 on 2018-05-14 20:40 in GSoC 18 Command Line Update

Nicola Galgano
Niels Braczek
Ricardo Fusco
Marco Dings

The milstones were discussed but mentors could not reach full agreement at this point. Mentors need some more time to discuss. The plan shall cover, amongst other, the installation both of core and extensions and manipulation of administrative stttinge All activities regarding roll-back shall be pushed back to the end of the plan as "Could have". We strive to use MoSCow
So the orignal plan can be completed ahead of time. after that we can focus on new items like roll-back. 

first milestone will be:
`$ joomla check-updates` - This command calls the core update detection script. It will list all available and suitable updates together with current and new version number.

this task shoudl take about a week and is inspired by Parkinsons Law

From a technically perspective we will strive for a document / test driven development. This should allow us to actually be s.m.a.r.t

Mentor meetings will be on mondays at 20:00, ad-hoc meetings as required by student