By Private Profile c2e15406 on 2018-05-14 20:40 in GSoC 18 Command Line Update

Olatunbosun Gabriel
Nicola Galgano
Niels Braczek
Ricardo Fusco
Marco Dings

Student shall be adressed as Gabriel ;)

Communication is proving difficult, No voice connection is possible and gabriel even disconnects from glip regulary.

Gavbiel indicates that he is on mobile and is looking ito a better device.

Generically speaking the question is what can we do so that you have a better connection next time also with a decent screen. Going forward screensharing wil be a part of the "support", using a small phone will not help. Gabriel to investigate other mobile options and or quiet location

If you have only an phone lte or simalar device is suggest setting up a hotspot for your laptop at a quiet location when we meet. When we finally heard you there was a lot of trafic noise.

The expectiations as formulated in the mentors meeting of today were explained an shall be adhered to.

Mentor + student meetings will be on mondays at 20:00, ad-hoc meetings as required by student