By Private Profile c2e15406 on 2018-06-04 20:05 in GSoC 18 Command Line Update

Nicola Galgano
Marco Dings
Ricardo Fusco
Harald Leithner

Joined later
Niels Braczek

Everybody to read last weeks minutes MADATORY. Everybody is required to read and feedback on the minutes 24hr after publication is announced in the glip channel !

Discussing milestones, postponed ( Niels initially not present ).
Discussing first pull request, not much to report, other than that discussed action did not seem to have followed up: there is no modifications as to language strings

> Mentors to test this weeks pull request and feedback in git
On actions, Team members to report back no comment if there is nothing to report or otherwise comment to the content in git or where applicable. That is the only way to understand that everybodydy checked followed up an issue or action

We hade git upstream problems that seem to have been resolved

Status of 2nd milestone unknown, need to probe and require more reqular feedback