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Olatunbosun Gabriel ( Student )
Nicola Galgano
Marco Dings
Ricardo Fusco
Harald Leithner

Joined later
Niels Braczek

Everybody to read last weeks minutes MADATORY. Everybody is required to read and feedback on the minutes 24hr after publication is announced in the glip channel !

Reporting on MS1 Student informed that he thought he was ready and that LANGUAGE strings were not extremely important. That however was a misunderstanding and these should be taken care of in the comming week

Regarding michaels concerns Student did investigations but there is no clear plan atm. Studen is required to share his different scenarios in the glip group so the may be discussed and implemented where applicable

Given the lack of communication from this day forward in the project the Student is required to report on a daily basis at the start of his working day.

  • what student did the day before
  • what was accomplished
    - what succeed
    - what failed
    - how much is work is left over
  • - where do you need help

As we have seen no pr's or not have been informed we urge the student at this phase to not wait for the code to be perfect. Only in this way can mentors help

Meeting on TDD development was helpfull, no questions so far

There are serious concerns with having the student to do project as it seems next/in addition to a full day in school. We question ith this can this be effective and if this is in line with GSOC requirements/
Studen is aske to submit availability for the remainder of the GSOC period. For example are there a holiday period comming up or so there is no double burden.

Next week
- finish 2nd MS by tomorrow    ( Tuesday )
- finish 1st MS as per comment ( Wednesday )
- give planning for 3rd milestone "joomla core update from CLI" ( Wednesday )