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Marco Dings
Ricardo Fusco
Harald Leithner


Nicola Galgano
Niels Braczek

codestyle is not ok, student to install php-storm with joomla support as defined in code sniffer. Student to install mandatory

As for good practices, for example usage of else statement is to be avoided, and above all nested if's. There were some nice presentations during joomla conferences

Student to watch and apply in his own code and report his ideas and leassons learned in his daily reports

Code is discussed interactively

reports, daily

be more explicit, "working on milestone" is meaningless if we have several pending, be more verbose, some reports feel hastened and lacks "body"
Goring forward student is to include stating time of work for the reporting day as well as the effective number of hours worked ( prefereably split between tasks if applicable )

its mandatory to submit daily stand-up reports first thing every working day,

Did you Read up on stand-up
Student did, summary of what student found and deemed important, what you learned to be included in tomorrows report

Next week

finish MS3

PR against includes/framework.php to handle not installed joomla instances ( glip for details )

Student to define additional activities by himself and present to the team. Activities are to be S.M.A.R.T