By Harald Leithner on 2018-07-09 22:07 in GSoC 18 Command Line Update


Nicola Galgano
Harald Leithner


Olatunbosun Gabriel


Marco Dings
Niels Braczek
Ricardo Fusco

Talked about the "second evaluation" and the work the is done. 4 milestones seams to be finished, but 2 of them still need some cleanups.

Talked about Milestone M4. Installation of Joomla from CLI works, there are some things to be done.

Student did unit tests in the test-unit repository, Robert and Niels checked and helped to make the tests better.


Code is discussed, code style and how to write better code.

Daily reports

Reports are much better now, the daily reports are more useful and reading them makes sense now.

Next week

  • finish MS3, add a testcase which makes a complete joomla update inkl. download, installation and version check
  • Add non-interactive support to milestone M4