By Private Profile cd3da485 on 2018-06-23 20:42 in GSoC 18 Enhance Users

Date: 19.06

Time:  15:00

Attended by: Allon Moritz, Benjamin Trenkle, Alexandra Ciobica, Sandra Decoux, Tobias Zulauf, Puneet Kala



The main topic of the meeting was refactoring from milestone 2.



1. Workflow for the refactoring part

We should separate the new views (user/users) from this improvements, meaning I should create a branch from master and create a PR to the original repo, one by one. So if one code will be declined, we don't have to throw away all the code. Make small steps and create small prs.

In order for the prs to not be lost, I will create an issue with links to the prs in the main repo. When making a new pr, just edit and add to that issue.

Workflow: fork the original joomla! repo into my account => work on branches => (optional: create a pr in the GSoC repo =>) create pr against the original repo => put the link into an issue in the GSoC repo (when creating the PR for the original repo, make sure to add a proper description and test case)

2. Existing issues:

Three issues which do illustrate the problems:


3. What is to be done

- Issue: JClasses are deprecated

Solution: The classes with J.. should be included using namespaces. For example, JFactory will be included using use Joomla\CMS\Factory; and used by calling only Factory.


- Issue: Besides the JClasses, we need to have a look on the profile and edit page on the front end. They are far from any Joomla standard. 

Solution: For now, start with the edit view. The com_content form view (frontend) could be a structure you can take for the profile edit. (guide: use as fewer bootstrap classes as possible).

To do

  • refactor all JXXX classes

  • restructure the profile view

  • implement the TFA in the backend, so the user can set it up (see first issue)