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Date: 28th May 2018

Time: 7:00 (UTC)

The meeting was attended by Anurag Kumar, Sandra Decoux, Allon Moritz, Astrid Günther



Phase : 3  According to my proposal

  • Discussing diff-view to implement with template component.
  • Integration of diff-tool library.

Discussing diff-view to implement with templates component.

We discussed the diff-view component ( UI ) how it looks like. We all give our opinions about the UI of diff view. UI is going to be more user-friendly.

And the second part is to an integration of diff view library. We, agree to use jsdiff library to show the difference between two files. Because this tool is already used by Joomla core for com_contenthistory.  


And the most important thing is UI and we agree to make UI like this.


imageGiven by Allon Mortiz

And this is going to implement in



Next,  part is Phase 4:  Discussing the notification to inform the user with all details.  

Reviewing timeline

The timeline of Anurag proposal is up to date.