By Private Profile 54d3996a on 2018-06-29 18:32 in GSoC 18 Improve Override Management

Date: 19th June 2018

Time: 7:00 (UTC)

The meeting was attended by Anurag Kumar, Allon Moritz, Astrid Günther


Phase: 4  According to my proposal

  • Discussing the notification to inform the user of all details.
  • Override interface


We discussed where we have to store the updated override files details, to show them all in override interface. Initially, in the starting of the meeting, we decided to make a new table to store information but the problem is that the table will only be used on an update and rest of the time it is basically empty.

Then, Astrid Günther gives an idea to store file details in the com_templates table. So, we agree to use com_templates table to store file information. And for notification, we use quick icon to show and override list as a submenu in com_templates component.

Next,  part is Phase 4 We continue this agenda in next meeting


Reviewing timeline

The timeline of Anurag proposal is up to date.