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Date : 9th May 2018

Time : 17:00 UTC - 18:45 UTC

Meeting Attended by : Niels Braczek, Kasun Vithanage, Sandra Decoux, Geetanshu Mathur

Agenda For the meeting

  1. Discuss the possible approaches to the desired solution.
  2. Discussing solution in a detailed manner.
  3. Describe the milestones for the project.
  4. Discussing them and deciding the possible timeline for each one of them.


  1. Approach to build the plugin is being finalized.
  2. All milestones are being setup.
    1. Although work till milestone-3 was discussed in detail but for milestone-4 further discussion would be carried out in meeting after the milestone-3 is reached.
    2. A rough timeline is being setted up for each milestone.
  3. An optional milestone(-5) is being added to the work which would be processed if time remains.
  4. The work would be done in Documentation first development fashion.
  5. In the milestone-1, a  basic working front-end would be build.
  6. Also, an admin manual should be prepared for the first milestone as soon as possible.