By Private Profile c98cb213 on 2018-05-22 04:17 in GSoC 18 Media Manager Adaptive Images

Date : 21th May 2018

Time : 17:00 UTC - 18:20 UTC

Meeting Attended by : Niels Braczek, Kasun Vithanage, Geetanshu Mathur

Agenda For the meeting

  1. Reporting the current status of the milestone.

  2. Getting feedback for the admin manual.

  3. Discussing the possible approaches to solve the remaining tasks in the milestone.


  1. Issues have to be created in the GitHub repository and respective pull request has to be made for different tasks in the milestone for efficient tracking of them.

  2. Taking the reference from emailcloak.php the focus points can be parsed into the HTML of the page.

  3. A new controller for media manager has to be made in order to get and set focus points for the image. It would be named as AdaptiveImageController.