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Date: 22th June 2018

Time: 16:30 UTC - 17:30 UTC

Meeting Attended by : Niels Braczek, Geetanshu Mathur

Agenda For the meeting

  1. Presenting the document prepared for the System Cropping

  2. Discussing issues with PR1

  3. Discuss the possible issues with System cropping


  1. Following changes are to be done in PR1

    1. more adaptiveimage from /administrator/component/com_media/ to /component

    2. remove performtask() method.

    3. use  file_put_contents and file_get_contents instead of fread/fwrite

    4. make imgPath consistent

  2. Use Joomla Image Library for cropping and resizeing.

  3. Adaptive Image should be moved from /administrator/components/com_media/AdaptiveImage/ to /components/com_media/AdaptiveImage/ (/Library is prefered).