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GSoC Team Meeting 2018-05-21


Present at the Meeting:


Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Mentor)

Elisa Foltyn (Mentor)

Lavinia Popa-Rössel (Mentor)

João Reys Santos (Mentor)


Sandra Decoux (Admin)

Yves Hoppe (Admin)

Puneet Kala (Admin)


Wang Yu Chao (Student)


Wang Yu Chao has made his first PR on the Project staging for setting Params in content languages. So now we all can pull branches and test results.

It was commented by JRS and CMS, all comments / suggestions  were resolved by the student.

He will have a look on the latest comments.

JRS will test the PR asap. As soon as JRS has tested successfully, he will merge the PR into staging.


The student is learning and reading the Code of J 4.0 which is time consuming. He has been encouraged to ask for help. He will prepare his next commit/PR for Wednesday 2018-05-23.

It will be a modal window which allows the user to set the root language for an article.


The student suggests that the user can set the root-language also in the global configuration.


It was pointed out once again that the mentors expect daily commits .Commits don’t have to not be stable code.


Wang is currently working on the modals, and on params to let the User decide if the modal should be shown the next time in the global configuration at Multilanguage Associations.

The modal is expected to be finished at Wednesday and the working associations on Monday 28 May.


Thank you all for your work

and good succees to Wang Yu Chao