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GSoC Team Report from 06th June 2018


Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Mentor)

Elisa Foltyn (Mentor)

João Reys Santos (Mentor)

Lavinia Popa-Rössel (Mentor)

Marco Dings (Mentor)


Sandra Decoux (Admin)

Puneet Kala (Admin)


Wang Yuchao (Student)


Summary of the Meeting:

During the last week Wang Yu Chao has completed the “creating associations of articles” part of the project, he showed some screens about how it looks like now. Furthermore he improved the “fallback language” field by adding it into global configuration.


On GitHub were comments to Wang Yu Chao’s PR about the mechanism of fallback languages. The understanding of whether fallback languages are needed is not given, so Elisa proposed that it would be proper to define use cases for everything and to display it in an overview. She actually has two use cases in real-life:

  1. “I have a Multilanguage Site in 5 Languages, and there are two new languages to come (so it will be 7 languages) One of the new languages is Austrian, which is easy because Austrian is like 97% German. But it will have specific contents in Austrian, like the homepage etc. I do not want to recreate 1000 Articles that already exist in german to achieve that.”

  2. For the same site as in point 1. : “It will have a new Homepage (Startpage) in Turkish, but it should use the english contents for everything else (without switching the flag at the top).”

The team need a proper plan of how to go ahead with fallback languages. The discussion was about making “core” decisions and to let it be configurable for special cases. So there could be set default fallback languages (e.g. pt-BR = pt-PT), but the user could change them (e.g. pt-PT = es-ES).

For the default Fallback language it would be clearer and less complicated to see only the Root Language as Reference Language, because there is always one language where the main contents are made of and only that one.

Another part of the discussion was about how the ordering of fallback has to be and how notifications will be displayed when items are updated or expired. It’s not been already determined if an ordering is needed. But the notification task will be realised by Lavinia.


For testing Wang Yu Chaos PRs, he was suggested to write testing instruction as a step by step procedure.

For the next meeting, Wang Yu Chao will add an option when creating language associations to remember users’ decision and change the buttons for saving or cancelling (Attachment 1). Furthermore he will continue to make a plan of tasks and work through these tasks step by step.


Wang Yu Chao will have an time off from 25th June until 2nd July, so until then he has to finish the associations with a modal.


Thank you all for your great work in the team!

Attachment 1: Create language associations of articles

ml - create association


There are three new buttons for the moment. The user can select languages and click save to create associations.