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GSoC Team Meeting 2018-05-28

Present at the Meeting:

Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Mentor)

Elisa Foltyn (Mentor)

Sandra Decoux (Admin)

Wang Yu Chao (Student)


Wang Yu Chao has made his second PR as agreed in other meetings that there should be 1 PR per week: .

That PR is about the modals that were talked about on the last meeting, Wang showed some screens about what will be displayed in the modal and according to the item type and item id, he suggested then that there will be a specific url generated. From Elisa's point of view Wang should finish everything for one thing (item type) i.e. apply the whole process and do the same for others. This will avoid deleting and rewritting code in case something is wrong. Nobody disagreed.

The student was also suggested to ask other students to test his code and suggest improvements and to find interest in Joomla in general possibly applying next year.

Christiane presented again the gherkin method for further changes, like the first document that was created while still picking a student, furthermore Christiane will also comment/test the opened PR.

Wang commited that he would have the "creating association" part for the next meeting and the mentors will discuss that matter with the student. Wang also created a Doodle for the next meeting as not everybody is available on Monday morning.


Thank you all for being present and keep up the good work Wang Yu Chao!