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System Testing For Joomla 4 With Increased Coverage


4th May 2018


Attendees: Samarth Sharma, Nhung Nguyen, Yves Hoppe, Puneet Kala


The goal of the project is to increase coverage of System Tests for Joomla 4 using Selenium and Codeception. We need to cover as many testcases as possible and make sure that all tests for each component is covered by the end of the project.


1. Introduction on the project we will be working on during the next 3 months.



2. You can find the repository/branch on which we will work at .


All the changes are intended to be merged from the GSoC18 branch to the Joomla 4 branch every third weeks.


3. During Community Bonding Period, I plan TO DO

-> Setup Joomla 4 on local and run all the tests that have been covered using both headless browser(Chrome)  and Chrome.

-> Make an excel sheet and mark all the tests that are not covered.

-> Learn about git

-> Setup PHPStorm IDE to follow Joomla Coding Standards

-> Understand the current test architecture of Joomla 4

->  Learn about task runner.



4. The team decided on regular weekly meeting time.



Thank You