By Guest 54d3996a on 2019-06-10 09:21 in GSOC 19 Page Builder Project

Date: 31th May 2019

Time: 10:00 (UTC)

The meeting was attended by Viviana Menzel, Franciska Perisa, Benjamin Trenkle, Nitish Bahl, Anurag Kumar


At first, the group checked the todo list from the past week and nearly everything except the last point (“can drag a custom element from the bar”) was finished.


A test of the current status made clear that some flaws exist, which should get repaired in the upcoming week:


  • The Vue component ‘modal’ should get implemented for interactions.
  • The dragged element needs to be more visible with e.g. a dotted border.
  • Added Columns need to get validated and correctly placed into the layout.
  • Saved changes are not loaded.
  • Icons are broken.


Benjamin wants to give UI feedback over the weekend for the page builder itself, so this can be improved further.


Unfortunately, the frontend rendering got lost as a point in the last meetings todo list. So it became a task for the second coding week.

The only point where no consensus could be found was the one about the UI in general. Should there be a toolbar at all? And when someone sets up a grid, is he clicking a “+” button, where he can select a layout (like in the keditor) or should be the toolbar there to drag and drop the available elements into the grid? Also, the structure/layout of the grid maybe needs to be modified.
The meeting ended openly.