By Guest 54d3996a on 2019-07-23 09:28 in GSOC 19 Page Builder Project

July 05, 2019, 09:00 am UTC


Attendees: Benjamin Trenkle, Franciska Perisa, Nitish Bahl, Anurag Kumar


The meeting started with mentors looking at the progress of the project and the week’s deliverables. Many of the points had been completed and the students were working to merge the two branches (editor and intell_elem) and resolve the merge conflicts. Along with minor UI changes, the state and methods were added as mutations in Vuex store which takes care of the state in Vue applications and also makes debugging easy.


There has been an improvement in integrating elements, look and feel of UI and how the layout evolves, though some changes are necessary. Drag and drop along with resizing are currently being looked into. New tasks were added as an issue in Github.


It was decided that page builder should be separated from the backend template and can be controlled via plugins or external template.


New tasks include:-


  1. Resize is not working (especially the first element)
  2. Drag/Drop is not working
  3. Adding new elements makes strange things.
  4. Make the first selectable element "active" + cursor (convert the group to a list) in add element modal.
  5. Back button in modal is not working.