By Private Profile 7715d611 on 2021-06-13 15:36 in GSoC 2021 Accessibility

Attendees: Patrick Jackson, Shivam Rajput, Harald Leithner, Viviana Menzel, Anurag Kumar, SD Williams.


  • Determine the method of Implementing keyboard shortcuts.
  • Is a keyboard shortcut system plugin is the best solution.
  • Discussed the core implementation and Improvement that need to be done during the coding phase.
  • Mentors shared the Documents and planned the milestone for the implementation which needs to be fulfilled during the coding phase.
  • Discussed the main component which needs a plugin first in Joomla 4.1.
  • Mentors motivated for the coding round and mentioned "We need to focus on making our efforts more visible".



The meeting will be held every Saturday and the Google Meet Link is shared with us.