By Khu5h1 on 2022-06-26 18:50 in GSoC 2022 : Guided-Tour

Tasks completed in the week:

  • Fixed “Save2new” in the step section for each tour.
  • Fixed the “Save as Copy” button in the step section which was causing the error.
  • Got an understanding of the Script file for Guided Tour.
  • Debugged the script file code.
  • Fixed one major problem in the code, which was that every time when the tour was started it was ending at step 1 of every tour and the complete button was showing up (even if we have 10 steps in that). 
  • Created a working single-page tour with all the steps.
  • Made major changes in the script file from the original script in the PR.
  • Removed the Back button from the very first step as we don't need the back button in the first step.
  • Earlier, the tour was showing a Complete button after the second step even if that tour consisted of 10 steps. So, I have solved the problem and it is working properly.
  • Removed the Back button redundant code.
  • Prioritized the task for next week.


Pull Request: