By Khu5h1 on 2022-07-10 16:46 in GSoC 2022 : Guided-Tour

Tasks completed in the week:

  • Wrote the code to make working steps for tours even if we delete some steps in between from any tour.
  • Made the script file code more generic which can be applicable for all the tours.
  • Removed redundant code and made functions which can be used again where the same code was present.
  • Modularized and re-written the entire script file.
  • Optimized and removed the unused code from the script file and reduced the number of lines from 218 to 162 lines of code for the script file.
  • Solved the problem of stepID, where I took ID of steps and Tours and then used its index to traverse it.
  • Created the multi-page re-direction of the tours for Guided Tour properly working.
  • Wrote the code to make the tour work from any page, i.e if we start the "How to Make Article" tour from any of the pages in Joomla!, it will be re-directed to the Article page and the tour will be started. (We now don't need to click it two times to start the tour if it is present on any other Page).
  • Made the Overlay Option permanently true for every tour in the code.
  • Worked on the URL of the Tours Page and fixed the URL to option=com_guidedtours&view=tours to make the URL generic by making changes in HtmlView.php.
  • Conducted G-Meet with Mentor - Jatin and discussed the project and presented the work done till now and regarding the plan for upcoming weeks, how the journey has been so far and if there is any problem which I am facing.
  • Solved one of the major problems of Relative URL and make the Guided Tour properly functional through relative URL.
  • Removed https:// from the URL which was automatically getting saved in the URL field with the relative URL to make the tour work properly.
  • Started working on Back Button for Multi-Page.
  • Prioritized the task for next week.


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