By Khu5h1 on 2022-09-23 23:24 in GSoC 2022 : Guided-Tour

Tasks completed in the week:

  • Used correct Values for Created, Modified and Checked out columns in extensions.sql for all the tours and steps.
  • Updated extensions.sql  file.
  • Code cleanup for the default-tours branch.
  • Added default tours for other components i.e How to create Banners and Contacts in Joomla!
  • Connected with Benjamin and Philip on G-Meet to discuss further work and requirements for the project.
  • Discussed the approach for creating the structure for interactive tours.
  • Researched some existing form fields where after clicking on any form field, its dropdown appears.
  • Worked on creating a form field called type containing sub-fields in it i.e Next Step, Redirect, Interactive Tours and Interaction with Form Fields.
  • Used showon property to create sub-fields for Redirect and  Interaction with Form Fields.
  • Changed default values in step.xml.
  • Conducted another follow-up meeting with Benjamin and Philip to discuss further progress and blockers if any in the project.
  • Discussed about the meeting conducted with release managers and the JUGL event.
  • Prioritized the task for next week.

Pull Request: