By Khu5h1 on 2022-10-07 19:16 in GSoC 2022 : Guided-Tour

Tasks completed in the week:

  • Added type in the list of arrays for steps.
  • Added check for Next Step and Redirect field and made it work.
  • Added string value for URL.
  • Done changes in extensions.sql for adding type and validation field.
  • Changed all the default tours value for type and validation columns in extensions.sql.
  • Sync up the branch with 4.3-dev.
  • Merged the cleanup branch PR #6 in the infra-guided-tour branch and rebased the default-tours branch from the infra-guided-tour branch.
  • Solved all the merge conflicts.
  • Done PHPCS Fixes.
  • Merged SQL Fixes PR #10 in the infra-guided-tour branch and solved the merge conflicts.
  • Connected with Benjamin and Philip to discuss about the progress of the project.
  • Prepared for giving a presentation of the project in front of the release manager of Joomla! 
  • Meeting with Release managers of Joomla! And connected with Olivier Buisard and Shirielle (SD) along with Benjamin and Philip and gave a live presentation of work done in the guided tour project.
  • Started working on all the comments and code reviews by Brainteeman on PR #1.
  • Prioritized the task for next week.


Pull Request: