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Meeting Date: 09-06-2022

Attended by: Benjamin Trenkle, Elisa Foltyn, Philip Walton, Alisha Kamat

Agenda: General discussion about the program’s format before commencing with the coding phase.

Key Points discussed:

  1. Identify major features, assign priorities and estimate the time needed to work on them (develop an initial roadmap).
  2. Ask queries on the Glip channels rather than on Joomla forums.
  3. If no documentation found for a particular feature, feel free to add it in the forums under the appropriate topic.
  4. A subdomain will be created for testing some of the SEO features.
  5. Can make any number of branches for different features added.


Meeting Date: 23-06-2022

Attended by: Elisa Foltyn, Philip Walton, Alisha Kamat

Agenda: Presentation and demo of the completed features, including the following

Key Points discussed:

  1. Improvements for the Paragraph Structure feature
    • Sort the paragraphs in the order of their word count (highest to lowest)
    • Mention the total number of paragraphs & the total paragraphs exceeding the limit
  1. Improvements for Link Checker
    • Try to add a button that can directly change Dofollow links to Nofollow & vice versa
    • Or use a coloured indicator to directly identify the type of links under the Content tab
  1. Suggestions for Page Performance
    • Make it an optional feature
    • Or add as a plugin
    • Or directly try to access the reports on the Joomla site through an API
  1. Restructure article hits and ratings
  2. Start working on Joomla’s documentation 


Meeting Date: 07-07-2022

 Attended by: Philip Walton, Benjamin Trenkle, Elisa Foltyn, Alisha Kamat

Agenda: Presentation and demo of the completed features, including the following

        [Last 2 features combined into a single pull request]

Key Points discussed:

  1. Improvements for Paragraph structure
    • Add line numbers before each paragraph in the list (would require further discussion as the TinyMCE editor does not provide line numbering. Also, the editor is responsive, so the line numbers will change based on the user’s device and display resolution).
  1. Feedback for Content Analysis
    • Add real time content analysis by moving each item from the Content Analysis section to the actual field in Article Edit View.
  1. UI Improvements
    • Add more colours/icons where relevant under SEO tab.
    • Highlight keywords, numbers.
  1. Extend all the Paragraph Structure improvement suggestions to Sentence Structure too. These include
    • Sorting by sentence length
    • Displaying the total count of long sentences
    • Line numbering feature (to be decided) 


For details and screenshots of the work done for each week, refer to the respective pull request.

The additional suggestions will be considered towards the end, based on time availability, after the core features have been completed.

-Alisha Kamat