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Tasks completed in the week:

1. Integrated the Reading Ease Rating feature

Functionality Completed

  • Created a separate section for this feature
  • Designed and implemented an algorithm from scratch to get total syllable count of the article (instead of using libraries)
  • Calculated and displayed the reading ease score
  • Identified and highlighted the range that the calculated reading ease score falls in
  • Coded and tested for all variations of text samples - including positive, negative and zero values

   Check out the following PR for an in-depth description of this feature along with the use cases

Feedback received

  • Include the multiplication constants (in the Flesch Kincaid formula) in a separate global file, for ease of updation in other languages.
  • Give users an option to skip calculating reading ease scores for certain pages like home page/contact page (include an option so these pages can opt out)


2. Added the Open Graph feature

Functionality Completed

  • Created a separate 'Open Graph' tab for this feature
  • Provided users with the choice to modify the following parameters for the article's open graph data
    • Article Type
    • Article Title
    • Article Description
    • Article Image
    • Published Date
    • Article Authors

   Behavior of this feature can be better understood through the PR

Feedback received

  • Deliver images depending on the platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

- Alisha Kamat