By Private Profile b1295ea3 on 2021-06-28 07:51 in GSoC 21 Media Manager Filter

Tasks accomplished:

  • Use a plugin for image generation. In the initial implementation of the responsive images generation functionality, the same code was used in every model where it's needed. To prevent duplication, the functions were moved to a plugin ensuring that we write the code only once instead of doing the same procedure for every model.
  • Fix responsive images deletion issue. While automatically removing responsive versions of images that are no longer used, we need to get their initial, final versions and compare them. The issue with getting access to the initial versions of images in the previous implementation was fixed this week.
  • Create srcset attribute generator function for content images. A new function was implemented to take a content string as a parameter and add a dummy srcset attribute to all the img tags (the correct value for srcset attribute will be added next week).

Pull request of the week: Media Manager: Week 3