By Private Profile 9eb5f8de on 2016-06-23 17:00 in GSoC 16 Recording action logs

Date: 23rd June
Time: 1600 GMT
Attended by: Al Walker, Llewellyn van der Merwe, Mohamed Karam

This was our second group call this week, having had a short 30min meeting 2 days back.
Llewellyn spent time with Mohamed after our call to understand some issues he was having with the general "understanding and concepts" surrounding Joomla development. This has been something Mohamed had raised on during our call and since then Mohamed has made good progress over the past couple of days.

He has recently completed the Component View with the basic display of the logs. He has supplied this as a stand-alone install file to install and both Llewellyn and myself have tested this today.
Currently there has a number of small errors with language file placement in component and a Sort issue with the component view but these are being delt with right now on a more "Technical Call" whilst I log this.

Next steps are to start implementing the major features and configuration settings for the plugin. We’ve agreed that these small feature milestones will be added as "issues" in Git, so they can be assigned to milestones and provide visibility of the project and our intended features.

Another very productive meeting which can leave Mohamed to continue his work.
NEXT MEETING: We are rescheduled for our next meeting on the the 28th at 16:00GMT.