By Private Profile 9eb5f8de on 2016-07-13 00:00 in GSoC 16 Recording action logs

Date: 12th July
Time: 1600 GMT
Attended by: Al Walker, Llewellyn van der Merwe, Mohamed Karam

We kicked the meeting off running through the latest verion of Mohameds work.

Our student was away last week and between family commitments and internet connectivity he has not managed the progress he wanted to during this time. However he is back onto it this week and has full days available again now to work on the project.

From our testing, current bugs were noted and discussions had surrounding current issues and features Mohamed will work on next. He has recently completed the "Days to remove logs" feature which is a setting now within the plugin.

The extension in general is working and logging nicely. The next work looks into resolving some search/sorting issues and displaying more user friendly language strings for the display. Next major feature to be implemented is the user permisson system.

There was also discussion around the "logging 3rd party extensions" again which we have spoken about a couple of times. We have suggested he puts this on Glip so other mentors may contribute their thoughts as well.

It was noted that there were 5 weeks left for this program and we all felt confident we will meet the schedule. At Puneets suggestion we have asked a number of other mentors to assess the quality of code and work to date, and are looking forward to the feedback on this. We have the code available on Git as well as an installable extension file. I note that Yves has just shared some feedback on this tonight so great!

Next meeting in 1 weeks time.