By Private Profile 9eb5f8de on 2016-07-19 00:00 in GSoC 16 Recording action logs

Date: 19th July
Time: 1600 GMT
Attended by: Al Walker, Llewellyn van der Merwe, Mohamed Karam

Quick catchup tonight to check-in on the current work status.
Our milestones are all on GIT, so we know whats left to tackle and our remaining time available.

I reminded Mohamed about regular GIT, GLIP updates, and not to wait until our next meeting to see his progress as we are nearing the time in the program where we need to ensure he can contine development without delay, should questions arise.

Hes just finished working on some issues noted during our last testing session and also the ACL feature.

Next task is Exporting Logs, and enable IP logging as well as addressing some tasks provided by mentor feedback of his work. We spoke about CSV Export user experience and how best to tackle the approach to this work.

Mohamed delivered another latest version of the extension, which we will be testing soon to provide feedback on.
Next meeting schedulled in 1 weeks time... with catchup on Glip and Git before then.