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Thursday, 16th June 2016 on Glip chat

Time: 14:00 (UTC / GMT)
Meeting was attended by: Prital Patel, Javier Gomez, Yves Hoppe, Niels Braczek, Puneet Kala

# Previous Meeting report:

5th Meeting GSoC 16 Browser automated tests


## Presentation and review on the work Prital Patel has done during the last week
1. Implementing  user group and ACL scenarios of users.feature and send a separate PR.

In this PR implemented step object and move joomla browser method into AcceptanceTester.php file.
2. Tested PRs of weblinks

Convert remaining "Weblinks" text to "Web Links" #210

Implements search tools, filters, dropdown actions and counting #208

3. Send the PR for search plugin of weblinks

[fix #212] Weblink created date not showed on Search view #219

4. Send new PR for content.feature separated from main PR and converted into stepobject


## Tasks from last meeting


## Uncertainties, problems and open questions from Prital to resolve

AssertEquals: If you want to have asserts in your tests you need to activate the Asserts module in configuration. See:

Use $I->debug('debug message') in joomla-browser because $I->comment('some comment') is not available for modules and so use $I->comment('some comment') in AcceptanceTester.php and StepObjects and PageObjects.

## Tasks for next week / Timeline

Continue further with current open issues on GitHub.

## Resources (to read):

## Next meeting will be:
Thursday, 23th June 2016

Time: 14:00 (UTC / GMT)