By Private Profile b67e8d2f on 2016-07-14 16:25 in GSoC 16 Browser automated tests

Time: Thursday, July 14th, 2016, 14:00 (UTC / GMT) on Glip

Meeting was attended by: Prital Patel,  Yves Hoppe, Niels Braczek


Presentation and Review

  • Add a testing instruction and introduction of gherkin in Joomla Docs

  • Test the joomla-cms PR for Review and cs for the other files in the install folder

  • Test the Joomla- cms PR for Remove testing data from distribution

I was trying to test it and tried to follow testing instructions. but didn't able to understand how exactly I can test this Pull request. Somehow I reached to build folder and found build.php and it needs to run from cli. But that doesn't work for me when I have downloaded and tried to run php build.php from build folder.

  • Implement the users_frontend scenario and commit in PR 51.


Tasks for next week

Writing Content frontend scenarios and start implementing it.

Also try to test 2 prs from joomla-cms


Next meeting

Next meeting is on Thursday, July 21th, 2016, at 14:00 (UTC / GMT)