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Date: 17th June 2016

Time of the meeting: 19:40- 20:42 IST

Attended by: Roland Dalmulder, Rishi Vishwakarma and Nikita Dhiman.

Where: Glip Group chat.

Before 17th June:

1. The proposal was divided into tasks and posted into issues section by Rishi and Roland.

2. Git issues faced by Nikita were resolved with help from Roland.

3. Database Schema was prepared and PR for the same was submitted, the suggested changes were made and PR is ready to be merged.

4. Discussion on share token generation was done.

5. The workflow for writing the shareTokenGenerator().

Points Discussed:

1. Time management: Mentors suggested to better manage the time so as to complete the project on time.Better tracking of the project progress has to be done and for this Rishi would further sub divide the tasks so that they can be tracked for daily progress.Roland would explain the Joomla MVC structure to Nikita so as to save time spent in studying and fast track the project progress.Roland also suggested to decide the workflow for every Pr first and then start coding to better understand which files to be modified. Nikita can post the workflow for the PR and mentors will provide their feedback on the same.

2. Testing: It was decided that with every PR, Nikita would submit her test results too and post all the necessary instructions to reproduce the PR is as much details as possible. At least one of the mentor would test the PR and post his results too. Rishi would make the setup to test postgresql PRs and Nikita would be testing MySQL patches.

3. Open questions: Nikita asked about the issue of occurrence of unrelated commits in the given PR. Roland and Rishi ensured to help her out.

Targets for next week:

1. Working on shareTokenGenerator() PR.

2. Work on the smaller sub tasks and map the progress on daily basis.

Meeting ended on Thank you note from everyone and Roland said some true words, Time is not our friend, "We need to treat it with care and make progress where possible". True that!

Next Meeting : 24th June 2016 at 19:30 IST