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Date: 24th June 2016

Time of the meeting: 19:32- 20:33 IST

Attended by: Roland Dalmulder, Rishi Vishwakarma and Nikita Dhiman.

Where: Glip Group chat.



Points Discussed:

1. The Test: Rishi decided to give a test to Nikita on topics like Joomla MVC, coding style and debugging. The main idea behind the test was to help her refresh the concepts as well as provide valuable tips. Rishi asked about JTable and how the same would be implemented with the help of examples. Nikita answered about the same with the example of recently submitted PR on shareTokenGeneration. It was adviced to use JTable instead of writing the direct queries.The next question was about JForms and  how the data would be submitted and retrieved using the same. The example used to example the same was of an online e-commerce store and how JForms would be utilized in this case. Rishi mentioned that it is easier to layout the concepts in writing but the same should be implemented based on the components of our systems and match the required coding standards. 

2. Codestyle:Roland mentioned that code needs to adhere to the Joomla coding standard to get merged, hence he advised to write the code according to Codestyle and make necessary changes in the work setup for the same. He emphasized the need for the same as code would be accepted only if it follows certain standard, thus this is necessary.

3. Time: Roland asked Nikita to make at least 8 commits a day as this would help mentors to track her progress. 

4. Open questions: Nikita asked that most of the time is wasted in search of conventional solutions because of not being aware of inbuilt library functions available for the same. Roland adviced her to check the IDE for keywords, search in libraries/cms and libraries/joomla folder or better ask people in community for answer. Rishi gave a suggestion to use Joomla stackexchange and ask questions there as it always helps.



Targets for next week:

1. Minimum 8 commits a day (Everyday).

2. Working on controller and model part of shared drafts view.

3. Pop up for viewing the shared article.

4. Working around in issues section of the projects.


Ana joined the meeting in last few minutes and encouraged the team!



Next Meeting : 1st July 2016 at 19:30 IST