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Date: 1st July2016 Time of the meeting: 19:36- 20:48 IST Attended by: Roland Dalmulder, Rishi Vishwakarma and Nikita Dhiman. Where: Glip Group chat. Points Discussed: 1. Time Management: Roland started the meeting this topic as only 6 weeks are available to finish the tasks at hand. Nikita made few suggestions like having a 15 minutes evaluation meeting everyday,and laying out the map for tasks ahead. Roland suggested to complete the tasks at hand first and then plan for new tasks. Rishi emphasized on not to focus on 8 hrs/day but focus on completing on finishing the tasks as soon as possible. 2. Cleaning the current PRs and then only schedule the tasks as mentioned in issues section. 3. Making more commits: The best way to decide the progress would be to see more commits coming and providing feedback on them early so that the issues if any can be resolved. 4. The meetings will now be held on Thursdays as Roland will not be available on Fridays. Targets for next week: 1. Show more commits everyday. 2. Clean the present PRs 3. Working around in issues section of the projects.