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Date: 7th July 2016

 Time of the meeting: 19:52- 20:27 IST

 Attended by: Roland Dalmulder, Rishi Vishwakarma and Nikita Dhiman.

 Where: Glip Group chat.


Points Discussed:

 The past week saw the improvement in the work flow but still slow as noted by Roland. He found the practice of daily tasks updates [to-do and done today] better and it also helped mentors track the current work flow. Roland advised not to scatter and jump into every area of the project instead work on one at a time. The Controller part of pull #12 would be completed first followed by ajax-call and draft listing.

Nikita asked to move the solution to be problem notes on github so as to locate and understand the solution easily. In coming week the targets would be to fast track the process wherever possible and finish one thing at a time, accompanied with the test results for the same.


 Targets for next week:


1. Commit targets continued

 2. Working on controller of pull #13

 3. Work on pull #14

 4. After pull #14, move to #15; finish these and move to next assigned issue.

 5. Working around in issues section of the projects.


Next Meeting : 14th July 2016 at 19:30 IST