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Date: 28th July 2016


 Time of the meeting: 20:30-21:15 IST


 Attended by: Roland Dalmulder and Nikita Dhiman.


 Where: Glip Group chat.




Points Discussed:


The refining works continue in PR #13 and Roland laid out 4 steps to be completed by Tuesday and move to new step instead of jumping in places. The meeting focused on completing the current work and moving with faster pace so as to finish as much as possible work in next 3 weeks available from coding.

Nikita wrote the next article for JCM [pull #18] and the same has been approved by both the mentors and Puneet.


 Targets for next week:




1. Complete the mentioned steps by tuesday [ajax and js part]


 2.Finish pull #13


 3. Work on pull #14


 4. Working around in issues section of the projects.




Next Meeting : 4th August 2016 at 19:30 IST