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Wednesday, 15th June 2016 on Glip


Time: 8.00p.m (Colombo Sri Lanka), 4.30p.m (Munich Germany)

Meeting was attended by: Ashan Fernando, Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe, Yves Hoppe
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## Reports to

Ruchiranga will be writing the report this week.


## Presentation and review on the work Ruchiranga has done during the last week
During the last week Ruchiranga finished working on the final improvements to the validate.js library and updated the existing PR with the changes.

Next he started working on the core.js library and made a PR with the completed set of test cases as well.

Then he started working on the Permissions.js library which involves testing functions that makes AJAX requests. Currently he is working on setting up the jasmine-ajax library to handle testing the AJAX requests.

## Uncertainties, problems and open questions to resolve

- Isolation of tests vs async / concurrent behavior of karma - tried solving with beforeAll() but tests cases start to fail unexpectedly. So went back to the old status.
- Travis sometimes fails on some tests

## Tasks for next week / Timeline

- Permissions.js

- Repeatable.js

## Long term Todo-list

  • Investigate how a lamp based solution could look like
  • Investigate on creating Vagrant box for JavaScript unit tests

## Resources (to read):

## Next meeting will be:

Wed,  22nd June 2016 at 14:30 UTC on Google Hangout