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## Reports to

Ashan will be writing the report this week.

## Presentation and review on the work Ruchiranga has done during the last week

During last week Ruchiranga finished writing tests for the Permissions.js library and made a PR with the changes.

## Uncertainties, problems and open questions to resolve

  • Keeping karma-jasmine up-to-date by running 'npm update' frequently.
  • Improvements in code formating (Keeping spaces, newlines and tabs uniform)
  • Posibility in returning error message text/code while using jasmine.createSpy. This is not possible since the Joomla.JText._ = jasmine.createSpy('_'); isn't allowing to set the body for the function.
  • Repeatablejs library is using bootstrap and it doesn't support bootstrap 3, and bootstrap 2 is not available in npm registry. So it is decided to use bootstrap library in Joomla.
  • getUrlParam couldn't be tested in permissions.js library since query strings couldn't be added without reloading the page.
  • Possibility in testing modalEL width and max-width specific values where it is currently defined in percentages in repeatable.js. So it is decided to exclude this.

## Tasks for next week / Timeline

  • Update karma-jasmine to latest
  • Fix the code formating issues in permissions.js library unit tests
  • Complete the repeatable.js unit tests
  • Start working on tabs.js and tabs-state.js, writing the unit tests
  • Use Joomla bootstrap for bootstrap dependancies

## Long term Todo-list

  • Frequently update karma-jasmine by running 'npm update'

## Next meeting will be:

Wed, 29th June 2016 at 14:30 UTC on Google Hangout/Glip