By Yves Hoppe on 2016-07-02 00:00 in GSoC 16 JavaScript Tests

Friday, 1st July 2016 on Glip

Time: 15:00 (UTC)

Meeting was attended by: Ashan Fernando, Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe, Yves Hoppe 

Report: Yves Hoppe

For an overview about this Google Summer of Code project please take a look at Ruchirangas Joomla Community magazine article


## Main Goal for the next weeks

The goal in the next weeks is to setup documentation, polish and iterate over existing tests and make a pull request against Joomla! CMS Core in the next couple of weeks.

## Presentation and review on the work Ruchiranga has done during the last week

During the last week Ruchiranga fixed the code formating issues in permissions.js library unit tests as was discussed during the last meeting. Additionally he wrote a test suite for the repeatable.js library and made a PR for that (merged now). He also reworked on permissions.js, since the library was changed recently in core, after the tests were written and made a PR for that as well.

He next started working on the sendtestmail.js which he found out to be not testable. So he made a PR against the Joomla repo after refactoring the library code. The PR was accepted and is now RTC.

Then he started working on tabs-state.js which also turned out to be not testable and will soon make a PR refactoring that code as well. He is currently working on writing the documentation for the javascript tests. The draft is available here.

For jQuery variables (var test = $(‘#element’)) Ruchiranga is going to use the normal $ prefix now (var $test) and he is going to make clearer variable names for Spies. 

## Tasks for next week / Timeline

  • Continue writing the documentation (8 sites text at least) including nice screenshots, videos and all helpful things you can think off. It has to be easy even for non-developers!!
  • Mentors are going to help with that, so we can save it on the joomla docs soon. And have it for the PR at joomla-cms ready.
  • Start on Improving / Refactoring / Polishing current tests system (It needs to shine)
  • Review the code style.
  • Do tests for the other libraries, where we don’t have tests yet (secondary, when time and mood)

Yves is going to improve Travis configuration again. So we can get it easier merged into core.js.


## Next meeting will be:

Wed, 6th Jule 2016 at 14:30 UTC on Google Hangout