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Wednesday, 6th July 2016 on Glip

Time: 8.00p.m (Colombo Sri Lanka), 5p.m (Munich Germany)

Meeting was attended by: Ashan Fernando, Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe, Yves Hoppe
Report: Ruchiranga

Previous meeting report


For an overview about this Google Summer of Code project please take a look at Ruchiranga’s Joomla Community magazine article.


## Reports to

Ruchiranga will be writing the report this week.

## Main Goal for the next weeks

The goal in the next weeks is to setup documentation, polish and iterate over existing tests and make a pull request against Joomla! CMS Core in the next couple of weeks.


## Presentation and review on the work Ruchiranga has done during the last week
During the last week, as was discussed during the last meeting, Ruchiranga worked on Writing a comprehensive documentation (draft availble) for the JavaScript tests Project he is working on. He also made some improvements to the tests that were written for the libraries caption.js and validate.js and made PRs for each. He also updated the file of the GSoC repository and made another PR with the changes.


Meanwhile he also helped the Joomla! 3.6 Marketing team in doing certain small tasks and also helped in translating content to Sinhala which was needed for some imaging task.


In addition to these, he worked on testing the following PRs as well.


## Uncertainties, problems and open questions to resolve
It was decided to use the ‘npm test’ command to trigger and run the tests locally avoiding the need to install node packages globally. The configuration

"scripts": {
   "test": "node_modules/karma/bin/karma start ../../karma.conf.js --single-run"

did not work in Ruchiranga’s machine. He solved the issue by adding ‘node’ to the command as shown below.

"scripts": {
   "test": "node node_modules/karma/bin/karma start ../../karma.conf.js --single-run"


## Tasks for next week / Timeline


  • Continue working on setting up documentation, polishing and iterating over the existing tests as the priority

  • Write tests for the multiselect.js library


## Next meeting will be:
Wed, 13th July 2016
14:30 UTC on Glip.