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Wednesday, 13th July 2016 on Glip

Time: 8.00p.m (Colombo Sri Lanka), 4:30 p.m (Munich Germany)

Report: Ashan

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Ashan Fernando



Ruchiranga Wickramsinghe



Yves Hoppe




Agenda / Topics to cover

1. Review

During the last week Ruchiranga worked on polishing up the tests written so far for the libraries Core.js, repeatable.js and Permissions.js and made PRs against the original gsoc repository for each. He also created a demostration video on how to setup and run the JavaScript tests in joomla starting from the fresh clone of the repository [video :] and also improved the draft documentation mentioning the new approach discussed on using 'npm test' command to run the tests.

In the meantime he wrote a script to help the Joomla! 3.6 marketing team in getting a list of Github usernames converted to their actual names and the script is available on
He is also helping elisa in dealing with a Sinhala language text issue in some Joomla images.

2. Open Problems / Questions / More

We talked about Hoisting and block scope problems in tests. Planning to do the improvements after the merge. Also discussed about updating the JavaScript unit test documentation with describing definition for fixtures.

3. Plans for next week

Next week Ruchiaranga will be working on writing unit tests for multi-select.js and highlighter.js libraries.


4. PRs to test

5. Resources to Read

Variable hoisting


6. Next Meeting
Wed, 20th July 2016
14:30 UTC on Glip.