By Yves Hoppe on 2016-07-27 00:00 in GSoC 16 JavaScript Tests

Friday, 22th July 2016 on Glip

Time: 9.00p.m (Colombo Sri Lanka), 5:30 p.m (Munich Germany)

Report: Yves

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Ashan Fernando



Ruchiranga Wickramsinghe



Yves Hoppe





Agenda / Topics to cover

1. Review

During the last week Ruchiranga worked on writing test cases for the highlighter.js library and the multiselect.js library. He completed writing the tests for highlighter.js and made PR against the gsoc JavaScript testing repository as well. Working on the multiselect.js he got stuck on an issue regarding triggering a shift+click event from jQuery and could not proceed with the work as planned.

He also updated the file with a link to the demo video he created on running the JavaScript tests.

Apart from them he also helped the marketing team, especially Elisa Foltyn from Marketing in tackling some issues she had with getting some Sinhala language text on some imagery on Photoshop.


2. Open Problems / Questions / More

We talked about the issues on selecting multiple options in an dropdown with jQuery. Which did not work out until now.

3. Plans for next week

Ruchiranga will work on the JCM Blog article (Working title: Why GSoC JavaScript projects needs to be merged NOW) and continue fine tuning the tests and optimizing them further. He will also continue adding new tests for the few left libraries.



4. PRs to test