By Peter Martin on 2016-05-31 00:00 in GSoC 16 Improving the menu item workflow

Date: Tue 31st May 2016
Time: 14:30 (UTC / GMT)
Meeting was attended by: Shubham Rajput, Gunjan Patel, Peter Martin, Puneet Kala

* Meeting schedule

We agreed to have weekly meetings every Tuesday at 14:30 UTC / GMT 

* Community Bonding period experience

Shubham had exams during community bonding period but he got to know other students selected under Joomla, some Joomla lead admins and his mentors. He attended meetings held during community bonding time from which he learned a lot.

He published an article with the help of Joomla community, and got the feeling of a writer. Shubham experienced the drive of Joomla community members to help a fellow Joomler. There is always someone to help. And that motivates him even more.

* Blog Post

Shubham wrote an article for Joomla Community Magazine.
[edit: The article has been published in Joomla Community Magazine of June 2016: Helping out Yash by improving Joomla Menu Item workflow]